The Gluten-Free Radio Show is hosted by two polar opposites: Alex Waters and Calista Liew. Seriously though, you would never think these two could do a show together. Calista loves TikTok, Waters is a Twitter guy. Tune is Saturdays 2-7P!

TriJamz is #1 for bringing the party back to the Tri-Cities! Tune on Fridays 6-10P for Club106 | 10P-12A for DJ OS | Saturdays 6-7P for Club106 Pre-Show | Trending Now Sat Nite 7P-12A | Deejay 52 12A-3A Sundays | Power Nights Sundays 7P-12A.

Wake up with Barry Farmer, Sharon Gilbert “Sharon Lizzy”, Danielle Richardson “D’Marie”, and Donavan Hargrove “Don Da Producer” Weekday mornings 7-10 AM on the Tri-Cities Power Station!

106.5 Tri’s Jamz went fully “on-air” digitally on July 1st, 2022. Tri’s Jamz was founded with the sole purpose of bringing music for the younger generation to a market that is full of Country, News, and oldies. We are a station made for the Tri-cities. Bringing you local news and weather updates; playing music from […]

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